Grow your own bouquet: Planting out

April 18, 2018

Just over a month ago I had filled our propagator with freshly sown seeds, leaving it on our windowsill in the hope that soon there would be a green shoot or two in each pod.

A month later, and I’ve had some success. My sweet peas have certainly sprouted, and I’m a little unsure as I haven’t grown them before, but I think my snapdragons and lupins are as they should be. With sunshine promised for the rest of the week, I’ve decided to plant them outside in our trellis planter.

First things first though, our propagator spends the night outside, helping our little seedlings to acclimatise to the cold nights.

The next morning I add fresh compost into our planter, and dig five small holes for my Sweet Peas, making sure they are equally spaced, close to the trellis and around ten cm deep. Then it’s just a simple matter of popping a seedling in each hole, and pressing the compost down around them.

I pop a few pieces of wood next to them as support, and as they get taller I’ll tie the seedlings to them. As they get even taller and stronger, I’ll remove the supports altogether and start tying them to the trellis instead.

To fill out the rest of the planter I add in our snapdragon and lupin sprouts, giving them as much distance from each other as I can.

Lastly, I give them a good water, with a cap full of liquid tomato feed for some extra nutrients. I’ll water them every couple of days to make sure my plants stay well hydrated, with tomato feed just once a week.

I’m always surprised how quickly sweet peas grow, and I’m looking forward to enjoying jars of fresh flowers in the next couple of months… fingers crossed!