Afternoon Tea at Home Sweet Home, Great Northern

May 22, 2018

After being surprised with afternoon tea for my birthday, I thought it was only fair to plan something equally lovely for my Husband’s birthday.

Being fans of Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, I thought we’d give their Great Northern location a chance. We were at MOSI for the Space Descent VR with Tim Peake experience, so the location was really handy.

On arrival, we were told they had our booking, but no note that it was for Afternoon tea. Having booked online, I’d rung up to confirm a week before hand, so I’m not sure h\ow the mix up had happened.

Not ideal with a fidgety one year old, if you are visiting Home Sweet Home, I’d definitely recommend ringing the morning of your booking to double check the details.

As it happens, we weren’t kept waiting too long, and our afternoon tea arrived after half an hours wait.

A little different to the usual sandwiches, our savoury tier was made up of mini open bagels. While they were tasty and full of flavour, the bread was slightly chewy and perhaps not as fresh as it could be. It would also be nice to have something a little different alongside them, just for some variety.

Rather than scones, our middle tier was a stack of warm churros, with two dipping sauces. These were absolutely delicious – and I would have happily had just a plate of these! Hot and crisp, they were obviously freshly made, and were faultless. The dips were the perfect accompaniment, but I’m not quite sure what they were. Our afternoon tea was delivered with no explanation, so some of the elements were a mystery.

We were starting to feel a little full as we made a start on our final tier, but pushed on regardless.

As mentioned, we weren’t told what our afternoon tea comprised of, so we weren’t quite sure what we were eating at this point. It seemed a little thrown together, and perhaps reflected that our afternoon tea was made at the last minute, rather than pre-prepared and well thought out.

Not to say it wasn’t tasty, but it seemed biscuit heavy. At a guess, we had a couple of cake truffles each, an almond shortbread, a twist on a millionaires shortbread and a mystery doughnut. Everything was delicious, but it was definitely a sugar overload!

Kindly, a member of staff boxed up our leftovers for us, and we enjoyed them later that evening with a cup of tea.

All in all, the afternoon tea at Home Sweet Home Great Northern was a fun twist on a classic, but perhaps the service was a little lacking in comparison to previous experiences we’ve had. All the staff were kind and helpful, but served the afternoon tea as they would any other meal.

Baby friendly, the staff regularly checked in to make sure our little one was happy. We’ll definitely head back soon for lunch, but will probably head elsewhere for special occasions.

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