My DIY Play Shop

May 15, 2018

At the moment our baby boy particularly likes taking things in and out of boxes, or off shelves. So, with that in mind, I thought a toy shop would be the perfect gift for him.

After a quick browse, I realised you can easily spend an absolute fortune on a wooden shop, even before you buy accessories for it. They are also bigger than I expected, and we just don’t have the space on hand.

Never one to give in easily, I decided to search around for some cheap shelves I could paint and re-purpose. After all, aren’t a few shelves all you need to get started?

Striking lucky on eBay, I found the perfect trellis shelves for just under eleven pounds (Just search: Wooden Tier Garden Pot Stand Shelf)

To make them a little safer, we used tack nails to fix the shelves in place, and then gave them a quick coat of chalk paint and varnish to smarten them up.
As simple as that, we just needed the perfect accessories…

You can spend as little or as much as you like, but we asked family and friends for toy food as gifts for Harry’s first birthday, kitting out the shelves. eBay also had plenty of gems for storage, and the hessian bags were only a couple of pounds (As long as you’re happy with a months wait from China!) and the mini shopping basket around eight pounds.

We’ve also recycled a few toys, such as his wooden bricks, coming up with a new way for him to play with what we’ve already got waiting in his toybox.

Very kindly gifted to us by Poppets, this Hape wooden till is the perfect finishing touch. Bright and colourful, the details are perfect for little shop keepers.

A little too young to understand exactly how to play with it, for now Harry loves playing with the abacus and till buttons, pulling out and closing the little drawer, and closely examining the cute card reader and scanner. Until hes older, I’ve hidden away the play money it came with, as the pieces were quite small.

As mentioned, space is at a premium in our little cottage, so when possible, we’re only buying toys that will grow with our baby boy. I’m hopeful that our shop and till will be a firm favourite for years to come!