Creating the perfect summer bedroom, with no DIY required!

June 11, 2018

As soon as Summer comes around I start wondering whether we should re-decorate, in the hope of making our cottage feel lighter, brighter, and if possible, just a little bit cooler.

However, with a house move potentially on the cards for next year, we’re putting a pause on any re-decorating, focusing on the renovations that really need doing. Our kitchen and bathroom are both being completely overhauled, so that’s taking up a lot of our time and energy at the moment.

Often though, it’s our bedroom that I want to makeover most, embracing something more minimal, with white walls and bedding, alongside a light grey and yellow pallette to add just a little contrast and brightness.

Without touching a tin of paint, or a roll of wallpaper, creating a peaceful summer sanctuary can be as easy as switching out a few accessories. Particularly in a bedroom, where new linen can quickly make a big difference.

Image credit: Yorkshire Linen

A new summer duvet cover can re-set the tone, with candles, plants and photo-frames for the perfect finishing touch. There is plenty of choice on the high street from brands like Laura Ashley and Next, or there are retailers online with duvet sets to match your personal taste from retailers such as Yorkshire Linen.

Image credit: Laura Ashley

Our bedroom currently houses several pieces of dark mahogany furniture, that I would love to makeover with chalk-paint. It’s just a case of getting them into the garden to paint them. Not a problem for our bedside tables, but easier said than done for our huge triple wardrobe….

Just as you have a Summer wardrobe, it’s perfectly possible to have an entirely new style for your bedroom, even on a budget. You could even pack away your linens and accessories as the seasons change, swapping them for cosier winter alternatives when the time comes.

Although I’ll be sad to leave our cottage behind, I’m already starting to look forward to the challenge of re-decorating an entire house, starting from scratch in each room.

In the meantime I’ll make do with a re-fresh rather than re-decorating, enjoying our current home through the Summer months… potentially for the last time!

Post created in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen