A jungle themed toddler bedroom: The finished project

July 2, 2018

Last week I shared our plans for a jungle themed toddler bedroom, and after a weekend of decorating it’s really come together.

The Dulux rainforest decorating scheme was really simple to carry out and was definitely a quick and easy way to create a fading landscape. I’d really recommend giving this technique a go if you’re creating a jungle themed bedroom.

Once the paint was dry, we decided to have a go at applying our wall sticker from Tenstickers.

I peeled off the backing and stuck it in the top corner of the room, hoping to create a bit of a canopy effect. I then spent a few minutes pressing down onto the transfer paper, making sure the sticker was well and truly stuck down.

Time for the big reveal, I started from one side, and eased the paper off slowly. Much easier than I’d anticipated, the sticker was pressed onto the wall with absolutely no problems.

The design of the sticker itself is detailed, and the colours vivid. Maximum effect for minimum effort, the ideal way to add impact to a child’s bedroom.

As far as the rest of the room, it was a case of finding a home for everything.

The tipi bed looks fantastic, with the colourful tie-dye garland by Lorena Canals from reroom the perfect fit. Almost as though it had been designed especially with the bed in mind!

The personalised cushion from Giftpup looks right at home nestled in the corner, and definitely makes the bed look all the more comfortable… crucial when you’re trying to get a toddler to take a nap!

As well as the bed, we created a reading corner and a toy corner. Zoning the space to give each area a sense of purpose.

We also added a few smaller stickers from Tenstickers to makeover an Ikea ‘Flisat’ dolls house, creating a rainforest inspired space to make sure the smaller jungle figurines are right at home.

The stickers were applied in much the same way, and really made a difference to the previously plain dolls house. We also added in a few Astroturf samples, giving the animals a grassy base to live on.

Bright and colourful storage, a round rug, and a few jungle toys, have really brought the scheme to life, providing the perfect finishing touches.

All in all, a job well done, and our nephew seems very pleased with his new room.

With plans to move next year, I’ve already started to think about our baby boy’s next room and possible themes…can’t wait!

Post contains PR samples, but all words and opinions are my own.