Grow your own bouquet: Sweet success

July 1, 2018

Three and a half months since I first sowed some seeds, and left them on our windowsill to sprout, I’m starting to enjoy a little success. My cornflowers and sweet peas have been picked this morning, and I’m currently sat looking at a little jar filled with them.

I was happily surprised to see that the Cornflowers weren’t all the traditional blue I’d been expecting, but all sorts of pink, lilac and white shades. Perfectly co-ordinating with the Sweet Peas, they are a perfect pairing for this year’s first jar of freshly cut flowers.

Worth the time and patience, I’m hoping to see a more flowers pop up for several weeks yet, hopefully filling a few more jars over the next month or two.

While my planters are doing well, a few weeks away from the house has meant the rest of the garden has been left to go a little wild. Our lawn is starting to look like something out of the sahara! With so much to do to the house still, we’re thinking of getting a little help to spruce up our garden, so we can enjoy it as soon as we move back home. I’ll be having a look at Get a Gardener for a quote on garden maintenance,hopefully ticking a job off our seemingly endless to-do-list…

With plans to move next year, this summer is potentially the last in our current garden, but it’s safe to say I’ll be sowing sweet pea seeds next year, wherever we may be. They are always a summer highlight for me, and a jar full is a perfect finishing touch for any room.

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