Life in July: Sun, sea, steps & DIY

July 27, 2018

I seem to have blinked, and we’re coming up to the end of July. This year seems to be absolutely flying by!

July has been such a hectic, so I thought I’d start to check-in towards the end of each month, sharing a few details of what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks.

Our annual trip to Wales

Once again, we’ve enjoyed a fantastic trip to Wales, enjoying lovely sunny days by the coast.

Not without incident, we had an emergency midnight trip to the vets for Ruby, who decided to find her dinner by rooting through the bin. The on-call vet was brilliant though, and our mischievous pup has made a full recovery… chances are she hasn’t learnt her lesson, so we’re being extra careful to keep rubbish out of her reach from now on!

While we were on holiday, Harry had his first day at the beach, and absolutely loved the rockpools and splashing in the sea. Not fearful in the slightest, we definitely have a water baby on our hands!

First steps

Over the last few weeks Harry seems to be changing by the day. Leaving his baby days behind him, we’ll soon have a fully-fledged toddler on our hands.

In the last week he’s taken his first steps, learnt to wave, and happily offers a high five! Almost exactly fifteen months old, his confidence is growing, and I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s walking properly.

Teething has been a challenge this month, but with the arrival of his first molar at least we have something to show for the tough times. He’s now got a grand total of ten teeth, so we’ve reached the half way point!

DIY & Decorating

July both started and ended with plenty of DIY and decorating. We finished our nephew’s new jungle themed bedroom, and our kitchen and bathroom renovations are almost finished!

Over the last month we’ve been living with my parents, so once the builders are done and dusted, we’ll be moving back home.

I can’t wait to clean the house from top to bottom, do some decorating, and put all the finishing touches in place! Our garden is in full bloom, so I’ll be able to fill our home with some lovely flowers too.

While July has not been without it’s stressful moments, it’s also been full of sunshine and happy memories, with so many firsts for Harry!

August is shaping up to be just as good though, as we’re attending our first wedding as a family later in the month! Tips for keeping a toddler busy through the service would be very gratefully received…