Our bathroom renovation: Moodboard

July 23, 2018

We’re finally in week five of our renovations, and the bathroom is really starting to come together. Our old suite is long gone, and the walls have been boarded ready for tiling. Just a few more days and we’ll be packing our bags, ready to move back home!

Choosing a colour scheme for the bathroom proved a little tricky, as we wanted something a little different, but in keeping with the traditional cottage feel of our home.

I instantly fell a little bit in love with the Laura Ashley’s Wicker floor tile design, and we decided to base our entire bathroom around it. As always, I’m mindful that it’s easy for a cottage to feel dark, so we opted for the lighter ‘Dove Grey’ colour.

We weren’t all that sure what we’d choose for the wall tiles, but then we happened upon a pretty perfect match in B&Q. Their Helena Light Grey wall tiles are a lot lighter than they look online, and are even the same width as our Laura Ashley floor tiles!

To match, we’re having a combined toilet and sink vanity unit fitted, in a slightly darker grey. Along with a new bath, shower, mirror and radiator. We’re hopeful that the extra storage will be handy, although I have a feeling we’ll be baby proofing the doors sooner rather than later!

Valspar have very kindly offered to supply us with the paint we’ll need to finish off our project, and of course we’ll be using our Harris brushes to make sure we do a good job!

At the moment, we’re slightly undecided which shade of grey or cream to opt for. As mentioned, I tend to opt for lighter colours to keep things light and airy, but I do think a pale grey would co-ordinate nicely with the tiles. With the plaster needing a few days to dry out we don’t have to decide quite yet, but at least we’ve narrowed down the options a little from the hundreds Valspar have to choose from!

For a splash of colour, we’ve decided on blush accessories. It’ll be so nice to have a room with a touch of pink in, I can’t wait to start styling our shelves!

Renovating two rooms at once has had both it’s positives and negatives, but now we’re coming to the end of our five weeks it’s all starting to seem worth it. With both the kitchen and bathroom coming together, it’s exciting to see our home is nearly complete!