3 ways we get ready for Christmas all year round

August 13, 2018

We’re well and truly half way through the year, and dare I say it, we’re already getting ready for Christmas!

It seems crazy, but having worked in two jobs were preparations for Christmas are well underway by July, it just doesn’t feel strange to me. I like to have almost everything ready and wrapped before the first advent calendar door is opened, leaving me free to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

I think it first started when we got married mid-December, and headed off on honeymoon until Christmas eve. There was no option but to be organised, and the habit has stuck with me ever since.

Here’s a few ways we’re already getting ready…

Keep your eyes open…

While the January sales are the perfect time to pick up Christmas bargains, they are actually on hand all year round if you keep your eyes open.

As an example, we want to create a book advent for Harry this year. Twenty-four wrapped Christmas books, with one to open each evening after dinner time.

So, every time I’ve seen a Christmas book reduced, I’ve picked it up and stashed it away. I found one in the Aldi baby sale earlier this year, and a few second hand in various pre-loved Facebook groups. When I’ve seen one we’d like for full price, I’ve kept an eye out on eBay to see if I can pick up a used copy, often at a quarter of the cost.

I know full well, that come November I wouldn’t have got around to buying and wrapping twenty-four books, so finding a couple each month has been more achievable.

I do the same with wrapping paper, crackers, and gifts, keeping an eye out for things to tick off the list.

Stash away cash…

We cut back a little through the year, to make sure we’re not feeling a financial strain come December. I have a separate Christmas savings account, and I pay in a little each month, normally around £50.

Now we certainly don’t expect to spend £600 on Christmas day itself, but it means we can have a few extra treats, and enjoy some days out throughout December. It also covers a takeaway on New Year’s Eve, and any leftover can go some way towards cheering up January too.

It is tempting to dip into our savings throughout the year, and if we really needed to we would, but it just makes Christmas that little bit less daunting knowing we’re not going to be starting the New Year overdrawn.

Don’t put off till tomorrow…

Sometimes there are lovely Christmas things you can make, that you just don’t have time for in December. The effort means you just don’t get around to it, and before you know it the moment has passed you by.

We almost didn’t make our salt dough Christmas footprint decorations last year. They’d been in the back of my mind for weeks, and they were almost written off as a ‘Would have been nice to do, but never mind’ Harry’s feet will never be so tiny again, so looking back I’m really glad we made time to make them.

With that in mind, I’m going to make sure I’m prepped and ready for these kinds of activities, so we can enjoy doing them without all the faff of hunting down ingredients or materials.

Pinterest is a great source inspiration, so I’m going to create a Christmas craft bucket list and have everything we’ll need well in advance. I’ll share my plans with you later in the year, so you can see what we’ll be getting up to through the inevitable rainy December afternoons!

While this may seem over the top to some, by being organised I feel like I’m able to really look forward to Christmas, rather than find it all so daunting.

Do you get ready for Christmas year round, or do you wait until the start of advent?