3 ways we’re getting ready to move house

August 29, 2018

I absolutely love our little cottage, but as I’ve mentioned, we’re starting to think that the time to move on is rapidly approaching. Two adults, two dogs and one toddler are rather a lot to squeeze into a two-bedroom property, and if we’re ever going to expand our family we’ll certainly need more space.

Last time we moved, it was all very frantic, and I’d definitely like to avoid that level of stress this time round. We’re hoping to keep our cottage as a rental property if we can, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to make sure our new home is ready before we move out and tenants move in.

Here are three ways we’re making sure we’re ready to move when we find the perfect new home…

Finishing off our renovations

This is a big one, but this year we’ve been finishing off the jobs left to do round the house. The ones that we’ve managed to live with, but would certainly be off-putting for a new buyer or tenant.

In the last couple of months we’ve had a brand new kitchen and bathroom fitted, and once we have a quiet weekend we’ll be redecorating the top of the stairs.

It’s been a little bit strange, trying to anticipate what will appeal to new tenants, rather than ourselves; but I think we’ve struck a good balance.


I really wish we’d done this before we moved house last time!

I’ve been sifting through our belongings, getting rid of or re-homing anything we don’t need anymore, properly packing away anything we’re not using but keeping. While it’s mainly to de-clutter and keep our home tidy, as a bonus we’ll be ready when a house we like comes on the market, with hopefully less boxes to pack!

Last time we moved, we hired a removals team, and it was worth every penny! What I didn’t realise at the time though, was how many options there are for moving day. You can choose to have just large furniture moved, or all your boxes too, and even pots from the garden. It’s pricey, but you can actually hire someone to do all the packing for you… very tempting!

Sites like ‘Get a Mover’ are great for getting a clearer idea of what you want, and how much it’ll cost. Handily showing how much money your decluttering will save you in removal costs!

Clear thinking

As we’re not in a huge hurry to move, we have the luxury of being able to think carefully about what we really want from a new house. More space is on the list, along with our own drive, and hopefully a couple more bedrooms.

We’re trying to be sensible, separating what is an essential, and what would be nice to have. Hopefully our next move will be the last for a long time, so we really want the new house to tick a lot of boxes.

Without a doubt, moving house will be a huge upheaval, but we’re so excited to be moving onto a new chapter in our lives!