Life in August: Walking, weddings & Iggle Piggle

August 30, 2018

Well, what a month it’s been, it really feels like we haven’t stopped!

After well and truly cleaning our home from top to bottom (So much dust!) we moved back in, and we’ve been enjoying both our new bathroom and new kitchen. All the upheaval was worthwhile, and it’s two massive jobs ticked off our list.

It’s not been all housework and unpacking though, we’ve found time to have plenty of fun!

Here, there and everywhere

From a few shaky steps at the end of last month, Harry is well and truly walking. He seems to be everywhere at once!

Full of toddler energy, he is learning new things every day, and I have to say this is my favourite age so far (Although I always say that!) Pretend play continues to be a big favourite, along with colouring, and anything to do with toy cars or bricks.

Teething continues to be a challenge, but he now has 12 teeth, so there has definitely been some good progress to show for all the discomfort!

With walking came a trip for Harry’s first shoes. He loves being able to go for short walks, and is always keen to explore the great outdoors… whatever the weather!

A family wedding

Attending a wedding with a toddler isn’t easy, but it was lovely to catch up with family who hadn’t met Harry yet.

Without a doubt, Harry’s highlight was getting to have a go at bell ringing!

I’ve got a blog post full of tips and tricks coming up next week, sharing how we managed to enjoy ourselves with a toddler in tow. Being organised is definitely key, and of course a steady supply of snacks!

Taking a trip to the Night Garden

From the not-so-child-friendly, to a completely toddler orientated experience!

To celebrate our nephews birthday we all went along to see In the night garden live, and it was fantastic! Harry and his cousin absolutely loved it, and I would really recommend seeing the show.

I wasn’t sure how keen Harry would be, but he was transfixed by the show’s staging and it’s characters. It was such a great trip out, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more toddler-friendly theatre trips!

September is set to be even more exciting, with our first family holiday abroad coming up towards the end of the month!

Apart from that though, we’ve got a reasonably quiet few weeks, albeit with plenty of packing to do…