Our kitchen renovation: The big reveal

August 30, 2018

We’re home, and it already feels like we were never gone! Our kitchen is finished, and all our bits and bobs unpacked into the new cupboards. I’ve had lots of fun styling the new shelves and surfaces, of course switching everything round a few times.

Our kitchen mood board has well and truly come to life, and we’ve been doing plenty of DIY and decorating ourselves.

My biggest triumph has been these shelf brackets..

I found it really difficult to find simple brass brackets that would take the weight of our wooden shelves. So I decided to spray a pair of heavy cast iron brackets with fast-dry enamel brass paint. It was really simple, I wish I’d thought of it before spending hours searching, they really look like the real deal!

Our kitchen is not completely to my taste, but its perfect for the plans we have for our cottage. As mentioned, we’re hoping to move house next year, so we’ve designed and decorated with that in mind. The fittings are durable, and the scheme neutral enough to appeal to potential tenants.

Not to say I don’t love it, it’s such a huge improvement, and I’m so glad we get to enjoy it before we move on.

We’ve chosen pale blue accessories for our kitchen, mostly using what we already had, with just a couple of new additions. Our herbs and spices are still tidied away in the pigeon hole shelves I bought at the Homesense #LoveFromFirstFind event, nearly two and a half years ago now!

I’m glad we kept the old terracotta floor, it’s part of the character of our cottage, and removing it would have felt wrong. Throughout our renovations we’ve tried to make sure our choices are in keeping with the age of our home. Contemporary fixtures and fittings would look a little strange!

It’s such a relief to have two big projects behind us, and now we can enjoy our home for our remaining time left living in it. We’ve also learnt a lot, which will hopefully make future projects much smoother!