Getting ready for Autumn (Whether I like it or not!)

September 7, 2018

It seems everyone is eagerly anticipating Autumn, whereas I’m not quite so convinced. All the pumpkin spice in the world won’t make up for wet, rainy afternoons, with soggy leaves covering every path we walk down.

Personally, I’d rather fast forward to Winter. Cold crisp days, with Bonfire Night and of course Christmas to look forward to!

There is no denying that Summer is well and truly behind us though, so it’s time to start getting ready for the inevitable drop in temperatures.

Here’s are a few ways we’re getting our home prepared for the chillier months to come…

Making the most of rare sunny days

Washing out on the line is becoming a rare sight, so over the last week I’ve been glued to the local weather report. Whenever there has been a sunny day, I’ve been washing everything in sight. Cushion covers, throws, spare bedding, and even the highchair cover.

While all these things will need to be laundered again before winter is over (Mainly thanks to our two dogs!) at least I’m off to a head start.

Anticipating what might go wrong

Last year our heating came on, only to reveal that the radiator in our nursery wasn’t working. Not ideal with a young baby!

Keen not to be stung by the cost of an emergency call-out, we’re going to check all our radiators earlier this year, making sure we’re not going to get caught out. If anything isn’t quite right, we’ll arrange a tune-up, hopefully avoiding a bigger problem. It can be difficult to find a competitive price, but this website is great for central heating quotes.

Planning cosy nights in

Living in a small isolated village, we tend to be snowed in if icy weather hits. Not ideal, but a great excuse to get cosy. At this time of year, we clear out the shed, and stock up on logs for the wood burner. It’s much cheaper if you buy a pallet, rather than by the bag.

I’ll also be cooking up extra portions of slow cooker meals and freezing them, ready for an easy meal after a cold dog walk. It stops us from reaching for the takeaway menu, and being extra organised will hopefully help me reach my weight loss goal.

Treating myself

While I’ll be steering away from indulgent stodgy comfort food, I think I’ll treat myself in other ways. This will be my first winter working from home, so I’m going to make sure it’s a cosy haven.

I’ve loved having our home filled with flowers over the Summer, so I’m going to pick up a bunch every so often, and of course it goes without saying that I’ll have candles lit once our little once goes to bed!

All in all, with a little effort we’ll have our home ready for Autumn, whether I like the season or not!