3 ways I’m enjoying Autumn

October 9, 2018

I’ve made no secret that I’m not Autumns biggest fan, and while I’ve not yet been converted to pumpkin spice, now it’s here I’m actually enjoying the change in season.

Sprucing up our garden

With a little help (Thanks Dad!) our garden has said goodbye to Summer and has had a mini facelift ahead of cooler temperatures. We’ve packed away most of our patio furniture and given our lawn it’s final mow.

Thanks to some sunshine and wet weather, our pots and bedding plants are still full of colour.

We’ve also picked up a winter hanging basket from our local farmer’s market, and it’s really brightened up our front door.

Cosying up inside

From the great outdoors to our much warmer lounge, we’ve been working our way through a few box sets, embracing the opportunity to cosy up on the sofa.

For me, candles are an absolute Autumn essential, and I’ve been completely converted to wax melts. The fragrance seems stronger without being overpowering, and our little Bolsius burner looks so pretty when lit.

The burner itself comes with a little lid, which is perfect for keeping the dust away if it goes unlit for a few days (Very rare in our house!)

The magnolia scent has to be my favourite so far, but looking at their website Bolsius have some lovely sounding seasonal scents. Baked apple, sugar & spice and wild cranberry all sound good enough to eat!

Picking up a new hobby

It’s been well over a decade since I last tried cross stitch, but recently I decided to give it a go after seeing some really pretty pieces on Etsy.

I picked a really cheap set to get started with, but so far, I’ve absolutely loved doing something different. It’s such a peaceful pastime, and easy to put down and pick up… ideal with a toddler whose naps can be slightly unpredictable.

Overall Autumn is off to a good start. There is so much to look forward to over the coming months, it feels very much like a season of preparation and anticipation. As someone who likes to get organised that is definitely a big positive!

Post contains PR samples from Bolsius- all words and opinions are my own.