How to help your toddler with a cold (And yourself too!)

October 30, 2018

We’ve just about survived our first colds of the season, making it through what seemed like very long days and nights, full of coughing and sneezing.

When you’re feeling grotty, all you want to do is take it easy and doze the day away, but unfortunately that’s not always an option when your toddler is under the weather too.

Here are a few ways we’ve made it through the past week, all making a full recovery, ready to enjoy the rest of autumn.

Hot baths are essential

I’ve mentioned more than a few times how healing a hot bath can be, but for anyone full of a cold it’s an absolute essential. Especially if they are particularly small, and don’t really understand why they feel so awful.

We normally only bathe Harry as part of his bedtime routine, but when he is full of a cold I tend to run him one ahead of his nap. The warm water lets him breathe a little more easily, helping him sleep a little deeper through his nap. In turn, letting me get some rest while he snoozes!

Suffering from eczema myself, I worry how frequent bubble baths might affect our baby boy’s skin, but using gentle products from Child’s Farm means he can stay in the water for as long as he needs.

Without fail a bath always cheers Harry up, and passes a little time too.

Can’t be without Calpol

I always keep Calpol on hand as it’s a teething essential, but it’s an absolute necessity when our little one has a cold.

As well as their medicine, we also swear by their vapour plug.

Once plugged in, it releases blend of aromatic oils including lavender, chamomile, menthol, and eucalyptus. We find the oils really help to soothe Harry through the night, helping to ease breathing.

The plugin itself is non-medicated, so we tend to use it both through the night and nap time.

Rest is so important for recovery (For the entire family!) so we always make sure we keep plenty of refills on hand.

Sleeping easy thanks to Snufflebabe

Our night-time essential, the Snufflebabe range becomes part of our bedtime routine when Harry is full of a cold.

When getting him dressed we use their vapour rub on both his chest and the soles of his feet, and then we use their nasal spray to clear his nose so he can drink his bottle comfortably.

We also keep their nasal aspirator to hand through the night, which is a really quick way to physically clear his nose, helping him to get back to sleep as quickly as possible.

Helping Harry to get as much rest as possible made sure we had the chance to recover too. Long naps, and a good nights sleep are the ultimate cure for a cold, and thankfully we are all feeling much better now.

Post contains PR samples, all words and opinions are my own.