Life in October: Holidays, home and enjoying Autumn

November 2, 2018

I seem to say this every month, but this one has been a favourite of mine. We enjoyed our first holiday abroad, and our little one really seems to have found his voice.


It seems a long time ago, but we started the month in the sunshine. We had a fantastic time away, enjoying afternoons by the beach, and plenty of ice cream.

The flight from Manchester was short, and the resort we stayed at was tailored perfectly to toddlers. We’d definitely recommend Croatia to other young families, and hopefully we’ll have the chance to visit again.

Happily back home

There is nothing like being away to truly appreciate home comforts, and despite being full of a cold, it’s felt good to be back.

Since being away Harry has picked up a few new tricks. He now covers his eyes and shouts boo, puts things back when asked, plays knock knock, and happily gives very enthusiastic kisses and cuddles.

He’s had a growth spurt this month, and we’ve taken him to buy his second pair of shoes, as well as some new wellies. He’s definitely left his baby days far behind him, and as of the last week he is officially one and a half!

Actually enjoying Autumn

It’s never been my favourite season, but this year I’ve started to warm to Autumn. It’s been chilly but not rainy, and we’ve really enjoyed being out and about walking the dogs.

Harry has loved kicking through the leaves, and always likes to bring a couple home with us for closer inspection.

October has been such a happy month for our family, and we’ve very much looking forward to November too. While we don’t tend to celebrate Halloween, we love Bonfire Night, and it’s safe to say the countdown to Christmas will be starting early in our house this year!