12 toddler table-top activities

December 3, 2018

Now Harry is a fully fledged toddler, any activities that keep him busy and in one place are very welcome! We’ve bought him a little table and chairs set for Christmas, and I’ve been lining up activities to make the most of his new play space.

I thought I’d share our ideas below, as they’ll make great Christmas gifts for any toddlers you’re buying for this year…

Craft activities

Around a year and a half old, our little boy loves drawing and painting, so we’ve stocked up on pens and paints for him. Our play table comes with a whiteboard and chalkboard, so he’ll have plenty to keep him busy.

(1) Whiteboard pens | (2) Paints | (3) Crayons | (4) Chalks

The Stabilo crayons are very pigmented, almost like paint, and Harry loves playing with his cousins set. They are really chunky so he can grip them easily, I’m sure he’ll be happy to have some of his own!

To keep things slightly organised (Optimistic!) we’ve got a couple of pencil cases for him, hopefully keeping us from losing pens and pencils all around the house.

I struggled to find cute toddler friendly designs, but this pair from Smiggle are just the job! Brightly coloured, and great quality, the googly eyes design is great fun!

(5) Happyland playsets

Harry loves his Happyland playsets, and so far the Zoo and Farm sets have been a big hit. I picked up the Happyland Dino set second hand on eBay a few months ago, and stashed it away for Christmas.

The Happyland sets are great quality, durable, and easy to clean. I would never hesitate to buy a used set, as after a quick wipe down they are as good as new.

(6) Playdoh

A great way to learn about colours and shapes, Playdoh has been keeping toddlers busy for decades! I found a set on Amazon, and it looks like a great starter kit, with plenty of shades and cutters to get started with.

(7) Stickers

Harry loves stickers, and it’s the perfect minimal mess rainy day activity. We normally stock up on the stickers that come free with kids magazines, but a few sticker books would make a great Christmas stocking filler

(8) Afternoon tea party

We’ve had the Fisher Price laugh and learn Sweet Manners tea playset for a few months now, and our baby boy plays with it every day! It lights up, sings songs, and the cakes are a little shape sorter puzzle.

I’ll be setting it up on our table, along with Harry’s afternoon snack, and I’m sure he’ll continue to love it as much as he does now.

My parents are getting him a toy kitchen for Christmas, so he’ll be able to make pretend meals for us too!

(9) Jigsaws and puzzles

We’ve put a couple more puzzles on Harry’s Christmas list, as I’m sure Harry will continue to enjoy playing with them as he gets older.

So far, the Melissa and Doug magnetic hide and seek board we bought over the Summer has been a big hit. The little doors and magnets behind them really hold his attention, so I’m looking forward to being able to lay it out properly on his little table.

(10) Playmobil 123

I’d assumed Playmobil was for older children, but they have a range especially designed for toddlers, named Playmobil 123.

My parents found him this little roadworks set, and he’s absolutely loved it. We might just add to his collection if we can find a set reduced in the January sales, as the bigger sets are quite pricey.

(11) Bricks and tower building

Harry loves building towers, and his very kind Grandma is buying him his first duplo set. Basically toddler friendly lego, I’m sure he’ll enjoy having his own kit to play with. His play table comes with a duplo board, so it’ll be the perfect set up for the brightly coloured bricks.

(12) Galt Toys Dr Miriam Fill and Spill Barn

A lovely first birthday present, this wooden set is brilliant for little ones, and Harry loves taking the animals in and out the barn. Chunky and really easy to open, it’s great for independent play.

We haven’t done much messy play at home, but I’d love to set up a little farm scene for the animals on a baking tray, giving Harry a chance to play with the barn and the animals in a different way.

It’s looking like we’ll have plenty to keep us busy in January, and I’m sure Harry will love having new toys to play with, as well as re-discovering his old ones. I’ll also be reviewing his play table in the New Year, so if you’d like to read about it keep a look out!

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