3 ways to furnish your home

December 20, 2018

December always feels like a special month for us. All the excitement of Christmas, our wedding anniversary, and it’s also the month we had our offer accepted on our first home.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we settled on a figure, and then we realised that we had a house to furnish and decorate! Starting from scratch, each room felt like an empty dolls house, with plenty of potential.

Here’s three ways we found the perfect pieces to furnish our home…

They don’t have to be brand new

If this seasons high-street styles aren’t your cup of tea, then don’t feel you have to be limited to current ranges. Source second hand from sites like Facebook and Gumtree, or find one of a kind pieces of antique furniture online or in auction houses.

It’s always worth asking your vendor if there is any furniture they’d be happy to leave behind. Quite often they’ll have bought pieces that fit perfectly in the house you are buying, but don’t look right in the home they are moving onto.

We bought wardrobes and drawers from the previous owner of our home for a fraction of their original cost, and have since given them a new look. A coat of paint and new handles can give dated pieces a new lease of life, so keep an open mind!

Make the most of your budget

We were lucky to be moving at the start of the New Year, and managed to pick up bargains in the January sales. We were able to shop from a few sites that would have beyond our budget, and bought some lovely pieces.

My favourite has to be our ladder desk from Graham & Green. It’s moved from the lounge to our bedroom, and has proven to be a really versatile piece.

This time round we’ll probably be moving around Spring/Summer, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for end of season sales. It’s also worth checking for discounts on your first order, or if you’re in no rush order a catalogue through the post which may come with a promotional voucher. Cox and Cox are a favourite of mine, and they tend to offer 20% off for to new customers.

The Honey extension for Chrome is also really handy, as it searches for discount codes for you. A couple of times it’s hunted down a better discount for me, and as it’s free it’s well worth using.

Take your time

I find this one difficult, as I often just want to get things sorted, but make sure you have the essentials and then there is no need to rush to finish furnishing your home.

You definitely need a bed, and a sofa to sit on is nice, but aside from that your home doesn’t have to be completely kitted out from the day you move in.

While you could sleep on an air bed, and make do with camp chairs, I’d prioritise those two things. It’s nice to come home to relative comfort, and after a weekend of decorating you’ll definitely want to cosy up on the sofa, and get a good nights rest.

In a previous home we ended up sleeping on an airbed for six weeks due to a mix up with order times, and never again. We were so uncomfortable and ended up just exhausted and grumpy… not recommended!

This time round we’re no longer first time buyers, and won’t have all the fun of furnishing a home from scratch. Looking round potential properties we’re considering how our current furniture will fit in, definitely a new but exciting challenge!

Post created in collaboration with Nakturnal, all words and opinions are my own.