Life in November: Colds, cuddles & tidying up

December 6, 2018

It feels like November has been one of those months where not all that much of note has happened. We’ve had some lovely family visits, and our fair share of coughs and colds, but apart from that we’ve not been up to all that much.

Getting ready for Christmas

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas throughout November, and now I’m organised I feel like I can really enjoy the run up. I do bits and bobs all year round, but in the last couple of weeks I have finished our Christmas shopping and wrapped up Harry’s book advent.

Our Christmas cake has been baked, and I’ll be decorating it this weekend. Just the online food shop to finalise, a little more wrapping… and then we can sit back and relax!

Cuddles on the sofa

We spent most of the month fighting a particularly nasty bug, that seemed to linger for a few weeks. We took our own advice on surviving a cold, and thank goodness we’re all just about well in time for the start of December.

While it’s horrible having your little one feel under the weather, the extra cuddles are quite nice!

Our house is on the market

The biggest news has to be that our house is going on the market! We’re hoping to move next Spring, so we’ve been getting the house ready for viewings… easier said than done with a toddler’s help!

December is bound to be a much busier month, for all the best reasons! We’ll be celebrating Harry’s 2nd Christmas, as well as enjoying a very festive trip to Center Parcs in the middle of the month.

We’re determined to enjoy every moment of the run up to Christmas and the New Year. The month is bound to fly by and it’ll be January before we know it!