3 favourites from Melissa & Doug

January 14, 2019

Over the last year we’ve been careful when it comes to Harry’s toys, making sure we don’t go overboard. Firstly, we simply don’t have room, but secondly, I don’t think it’s necessary. As well as the toys he has at home, he has toys at his grandparents, his childminders and at the playgroup we go to every week. He doesn’t need the same toys at home, and because of this, the toys we do have are very well played with.

There are a few toys that Harry will play with several times a day, and the toys made by Melissa and Doug seem to always be amongst them.

Easily recognisable as they are primarily wooden and brightly coloured, without a doubt their toys are built to last. Despite being played with by a very enthusiastic toddler, our pieces show barely any sign of wear and tear.

Here are our three favourites from their collection…

The wooden doorbell house

Without a doubt, this has been Harry’s favourite toy this month, and it’s so handy to pick up and take along with us. It kept Harry busy for at least an hour at his great-grandparents house, which is no mean feat with so many tempting delicate things in reach.

The house itself comes with four little dolls, each colour matching a different door of the house. Each door also has its own doorbell, with a unique ring, as well as a key to open it’s lock.

Harry’s isn’t quite old enough to manage the keys and locks himself, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of them as he gets older, giving him a new way to play with an old toy. Handily, the keys are attached to the cottage, so at least we know they won’t get lost!

Magnetic hide and seek board

I’ve mentioned this puzzle in my 12 table-top activities, and it continues to be a toy Harry loves.

The hide and seek board reveals co-ordinating magnets behind it’s hinged doors, and it’s a great way to help your toddler improve fine motor and matching skills.

There is also a barnyard version, with farm animals hidden behind each doorway. Definitely on the shortlist for Harry’s 2nd Birthday!

Match and Roll shape sorter

This was a very kind Christmas gift for Harry, and it’s been such a hit already! Encouraging problem solving, sorting skills and improving dexterity, it’s a brilliant refresh of a classic toy.

A little trickier than other shape sorters, Harry has to match both the colour as well as the shape for it to fit. It certainly challenges him, and over the last week he’s really started to get the hang of it.

With such a variety of shapes and colours, it’s a great talking point, helping him learn a few new words as he plays.

Harry’s second birthday is fast approaching, so I’ll be taking another look through Melissa and Doug’s range, to see what they have in store for the next age up. Their toys are such good quality, and encourage so many ways to play. They’re the perfect choice if you’re buying for a toddler!

Post written in collaboration with Melissa & Doug, all words and opinions are my own.