3 things we should have had ready when we sold our house

January 28, 2019

We were first time buyers when we purchased our cottage, so selling a property is completely new to us… and it feels so much more complicated!

In case you haven’t seen, we’ve sold our house, and our buyer is pushing for a quick sale. With that in mind, we’ve been plunged head first into paperwork and decision making.
Officially on the market for just over a month, we had plenty of time to get ready for when the house was actually sold.. but naively we didn’t know what we’d need to have ready. Here are three things that are handy to have on hand when you home is sold.

A preferred solicitor or conveyancer

As soon as our house was sold our estate agent asked for our solicitors’ details, which of course we didn’t have! The solicitor who handled the purchase of our house was a bit of a nightmare, so we certainly weren’t using them again.

I spent a day doing some research and price comparison and found a local solicitors that were pretty competitive on price, almost £400 cheaper than the priciest. Whether it’ll be a case of you get what you pay for, we shall see!

At the moment we are just selling, rather than buying as well, so it might be that we decide to go with a different solicitor for our purchase… we’ll see how the next couple of months pan out!


Once we’d chosen our solicitor, there were a few bits of paperwork we needed to dig out. Cue frantic searching, and a lot of time spent on hold!

We weren’t sure where our title deeds were, so after long drawn out calls to our solicitor and bank, we ascertained we’d need to get hold of them ourselves from the land registry. Turns out this was really easy, and all online. For just £3 I had a downloaded copy ready to print!

As we’ve had electrical work on our house, we needed to send a copy of the Certificate of Electrical Safety with all our paperwork. This was really simple, as once he’d finished his work our electrician e-mailed us all the compliance documents we would need for a sale.

The last document we’ve had to dig out was our Energy Performance certificate. As one had been done on the house within the last ten years, and we haven’t had any major construction work done on our cottage, we haven’t had to have a new one. We were able to track it down online, retrieving the report using our property address.

Plans for white goods
Our oven is obviously staying put, but our buyer wanted to know if we’d consider selling our other white goods onto her. As we’ll be putting everything into storage, we did consider it, but as our white goods are still fairly new, we wanted more money for them than our buyer was willing to pay.

I thought these kinds of discussions would be happening further down the line, but as the information is needed for the fixtures and fittings list it was settled on fairly quickly.

Definitely worth thinking about in advance, as I was very much put on the spot when we were asked by our estate agent.

All in all, we’ve managed to stumble our way through the start of our sale and find everything we’ve needed within a week, so no harm done! It would have been easier if we’d been a little more organised though, lesson learnt…