Finding out more about myDNA

January 10, 2019

There is no shortage of DNA kits that delve into your past, so I was intrigued to hear about one which gives you a little insight into your future… or at least the affect your genes may have on it.

Following an easy cheek swab and a couple of weeks of processing, myDNA were able to send me reports revolving around nutrition, fitness and caffeine. Giving me a little insight into how my genes affect my day to day life, as well as the years to come.


It’s no secret that I wanted to end last year feeling healthier, and I’m so happy to have lost over two stone so far. It’s not quite as much as I’d have liked, but I’ve also had a great year, and enjoyed a couple of lovely holidays and plenty of treats (Afternoon teas at Home Sweet Home and the Garden Kitchen are highlights of mine!)

My nutrition report confirms a few things I already suspected…

• I have a sneaky gene that increases my appetite.
• I tend to eat even when I’m not hungry.

As a real positive my genes are on my side when it comes to maintaining weight loss, and they are not necessarily associated with a higher BMI.


It turns out I was never destined to be an Olympic sprinter… which is no real surprise! My muscles are best suited to slow steady exercise, predisposed towards endurance rather than power.

I have a high chance of muscle soreness following intense exercise, and to increase my fitness and strength I may have to train for longer than others to see improvements. It also turns out I’m best suited to low intensity training like cycling, jogging, swimming and brisk walking, which comes as a bit of a relief as I have always hated running!


I’ve always assumed I’m sensitive to caffeine, and my report confirms it.

According to my report I metabolise caffeine quickly, with the effects kicking in after 30 minutes, lasting 4-6 hours. I can expect some sleep disturbance from caffeine, and I shouldn’t have a coffee anything less than two hours before going to bed.

All in all, thanks to my report I feel well informed, rather than downhearted. I was worried the results may insinuate that I’m fighting a losing battle when it comes to weight loss, but actually forewarned is forearmed. When I fancy a snack I’m more aware that I eat when I’m not hungry, so I can make an informed decision as to whether I really want something to eat, or whether I’m probably just a bit bored.

Not to be a New Year cliché, but after losing weight last year, I’m keen to continue the good work and lose a little more. Thankfully the insight I’ve gained from myDNA has given me a timely boost, and I feel I can start the year with a fresh perspective.

Post written in collaboration with myDNA, all words and opinions are my own. You can purchase your own DNA Wellness test here.