Life in December: Tonsillitis, a chatter-box and Center Parcs

January 10, 2019

As expected, Christmas and New Year have flown by, and suddenly we’re almost in the middle of January. The days and weeks are certainly whizzing by at the moment, and with so much to look forward to in 2019, I’m sure it will soon be December again and we’ll be wondering where the year has gone!

Feeling poorly with Tonsillitis

To say Christmas day itself wasn’t quite what we’d hoped would be an understatement. Harry and I were both under the weather with Tonsillitis and felt really grotty.

Thankfully, Harry will be too little to remember being so poorly over Christmas, and we were able to have a second go at Christmas morning a few days later!

Not all gloomy, it was lovely seeing so many family and friends, and the run up to Christmas was really special.

Plenty to say

Now 20 months old, Harry is fast becoming a proper chatter-box. In the last month he’s been saying new words by the day, and in the last week or so he has started to put two words together. He loves to point out parts of the body, and animal noises are a big favourite too.

December also involved a trip to the dentist, and thankfully Harry only has four more teeth to come through. Very welcome news, Harry started teething around four months old, and seems to get through four teeth at a time. Our poor boy has suffered so much with his teeth, so hopefully we’re nearly there! (You can have a look at our teething necessities here)

Feeling Festive at Center Parcs

Definitely a highlight! We had a weekend at Center Parcs the week before Christmas.

If you haven’t been, it really is as festive as it gets. Twinkling lights, Father Christmas, reindeers, fireworks, it’s the perfect winter break.

Really geared up for toddlers as well as bigger kids, there is plenty to see and do, and I’d really recommend visiting in the run up to Christmas.

It sometimes feels like we have so much uncertainty surrounding this year, primarily around our move. With our house on the market a lot of our time is being taken up getting the house tidy for viewings, but we’re trying to make sure we make time to have fun as a family.

We haven’t much planned for this month, but if we can all just recover from our poorly Christmas and stay healthy, that will be enough for me!