We’ve sold our house!

January 25, 2019

Well, it turns out the best way to sell your house is to write a blog post about how you haven’t sold your house yet

I hit publish, and a few hours later our estate agent called with an offer from a viewing at the weekend.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we settled on a price, and all being well, we have sold our house. It’s taken almost two months from start to finish, and it’s come as a relief to be able to move on from viewings.

Our buyer has already sold her home to a cash buyer, so she is pushing for a quick sale. As we haven’t found a new home of our own, we’ll be moving in with my parents for a little while. We’ll be packing up, and our furniture will be going into storage.

It feels a little bittersweet to have sold without a clear idea of where we’re moving to, and it’s very strange to be wondering where we’ll be unpacking all the boxes we’re starting to fill. In an ideal world we’d be moving into our new home straight away, but we’re hoping having already sold will put us in a strong position for our eventual purchase. In a way we’ll be like first time buyers again!

Over the next month I’ll be focusing on de-cluttering our home. Turns out the thought of paying to store something we don’t need or want is a great motivator for getting organised!

We’re expecting to be on the move around the end of March, and we have so much to sort out between now and then! It’s a very strange mix of daunting and exciting….

The end goal of our new home is helping to keep me focused, and I have to admit I’ve spent a little time coming up with loose ideas for new décor. I’m so excited to be starting again with DIY and decorating, particularly when it comes to a new bedroom scheme for Harry!

We’re not naïve and know that at this early stage our sale could easily fall through, but with a toddler in tow it isn’t an option to leave packing until the last minute. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!