January 12, 2015

10 Weeks Old and Growing Fast

Coming home at eight weeks is a big milestone in any puppy’s life, and it was no different for Ruby. In less than a month she has settled down and become a big part of our family, and now it seems difficult to imagine day to day life without her. At just over ten weeks old she weighs just 1.5 kilos, so she still has…

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January 5, 2015

Frozen Yoghurt and Birthday Wishes

A year can pass by all too quickly, and before you know it your puppy has grown up and become all too adult. Today we’ve celebrated Polly’s first birthday in style with her first ever frozen yoghurt (Ruby tried some too of course!) Ice cubes on a hot day are Polly’s favourite summer treat, so when we saw tubs of Frozzys at our local Pet…

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January 2, 2015

Worry of the Week: Is my Puppy Sleeping Too Much?

On a regular basis I submit to mild hypochondria on our pups behalf, and while this second time around my worries haven’t been quite as frequent…. some of the questions I’ve googled in the past highlight a tendency to presume the worst! As my first ever canine companion it came as a surprise to me that at least 75% of Polly’s time was spent snoozing…

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January 1, 2015

If Threes a Crowd, What Does That Make four?

Just before Christmas our family morphed from three to a four, with Ruby a very welcome new addition. Not a decision we took lightly, becoming a two dog household has been on the cards for a few months. While we’ve been warned that two dogs is much more work, for us the pros far outweigh the cons. Polly now has a much longed for playmate,…

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